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Fun activity for dogs who like to "disembowel" their stuffed animal toys

 Does your dog like to do this:
LstuffedBall stuffing2eopold has always liked to "disembowel" his stuffed toys. I used to stop him before he could completely ruin them and then repair any damage done. The toy you seen in the photo was repaired probably ten times before I gave up and let Leopold do what he really wanted to do: tear every piece of stuffing out! What a mess. But at least he had fun.

Since then I've come up with an activity for Leopold that works with the same general principle (tearing out stuffing!), but is re-usable and easy to clean up.

* * * WARNING! This is not an activity you want to give to a dog that is prone to swallowing pieces of fabric (or other things they shouldn't be eating for that matter!). This is an activity I would never give to Halo, as she thinks fabric is delicious and is therefore meant to be eaten.

Though remember that it's always a good idea to supervise your dog when it's playing with toys (especially when its playing with pieces of fabric).


MATERIALS you need for this activity:

stuffedBall 01

 -Hol-ee Roller ball, large size

- pre-cut pieces of fleece fabric

- treats

- a dog who loves to play!

I like to use the Hol-ee Roller because it's very durable and doesn't do a lot of damage if my dogs accidentally whip it at something. For a game I like to give my dogs that uses a smaller version of the Hol-ee Roller ball, check out this post.
I use fleece fabric because its a thicker fabric and is also washable! I've cut my pieces into various sized strips.


HERE's what you do:

Stuff the ball with the pieces of fleece! Then stuff some treats in the ball. You don't have to add treats, but it can help make the game more fun for the dog.
I like to actually roll up small treats in some of the pieces of fleece. Then Leopold is not only more interested, but because the treats are rolled up in fleece, he has to work a little harder to get the treats--this is good mental stimulation as it requires Leopold to figure out how to manipulate the pieces of fabric to get at the tasty bits.

stuffedBall 02
stuffedBall 03
stuffedBall 04
stuffedBall 05
stuffedBall 06
stuffedBall 07

Now the ball is all ready to be torn apart! :-D

stuffedBall 08 crop

Here's a video of Leopold playing with his ball:



Leopold gets to have fun over and over, and the carnage is easy to clean up:

stuffedBall carnage


Hope your dog has as much fun with this game as Leopold does!

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